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'Very Good Instructor, Great Car to learn in and passed first time...'
Sam September 18th 2012

'Highly Recommend! Passed first time in under 6 months'
Lydia May 28th 2012

'Brilliant Instructor, passed the practical first time with 2 minors'
Vic April 22nd 2012

'Very good instructor, would definitely recommend Roger, passed first time with 2 minors'

Will Sep 22nd 2012

'Great Instructor, passed first time with 1 minor'

Gemma July 14th 2011

'Brilliant! I passed first time with 0 minors, within 6 months. Definitely recommended'
Kathryn June 16th 2011

'Awesome Instructor passed first time'
Daniel June 8th 2011

'1st time pass! Hardly any minors. Recommended by some examiners'
Chloe April 12th 2011

'A great instructor who got me a first time pass. I picked him because he got first time passes for a lot of my friends and I knew he had 24 Years of experience as a driving instructor'
Rhodri July 8th 2009

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Driving Lessons Swansea Offers


Come and meet the team, MASTERDRIVE Driving Academy have the very best cars to learn drive in Swansea.

We will also have a look at possible future signings.


Like our page on Facebook and if your recommendation for MASTERDRIVE Driving Academy leads to that person booking a driving lesson, you will recieve a driving lesson free as a reward.


Why not have a sneak peak inside the cockpit and under the bonnet of a MASTERDRIVE Driving Academy Car?

Get ready to learn to drive in Swansea and the freedom that awaits.


Book 3hrs of driving lessons with MASTERDRIVE Driving Academy and recieve 3hrs of driving tuition free.

MASTERDRIVE Driving Academy is the best place to learn to drive in Swansea.

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